A 5p vision of sustainability

So what does a vision of sustainability mean for you?

A successful business needs to adopt deliberate and holistic approach to responsibility if it is to achieve its vision. There are very real benefits to be had through a vision of sustainability. One way to think about responsibility is with 5ps.

Performance = Business performance using traditional financial metrics as well as non-financial metrics
People = Internal (staff, leadership) and external stakeholders (local communities, suppliers, government and regulators, competitors, media, potential recruits etc.)
Planet = The physical environment that we all rely on for raw materials, a place to do business and as a sink for waste materials
Partnerships = Relationships with key stakeholders, e.g. community outreach projects, partnerships with NGOs, alliances with complimentary organizations etc.)
Purpose = All of the above, operating with a shared understanding of the end goal


5 p vision of sustainability

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