The relationship between your business, society and the environment

Sustainable relationship diagram

The relationship between your business, the society and physical environment is a simple one, yet a relationship businesses so often get wrong.

“The concept of the “triple bottom line,” now widely referred to as the three pillars of sustainability – people, profits and planet – is hindering our ability to understand why the system is not working for so many people. In reality, the environment contains human society, which in turns contains the economy [or individual business]”
– Jennifer Hermes, Environmental Leader, Nov 2011

If we think about beef production, and the depletion of the cows grazing fields without proper management, it quickly becomes apparent how this will affect the business’ operating context including its supply costs in the future. A better understanding of the relationship a business has with society and the environment creates a culture more mindful of operating context and consequences, and thus better able to consider the outcomes of activities within the contect of which they operate in the long term.

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